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General Sewing Intermediate

Course Outline:

This sewing class is designed for the intermediate sewer who has done the beginner's course already. It is also suitable for HSC students and tertiary fashion design students who wish to complement their studies for better results or better employment prospects and have completed a beginner's stage in their study. During the course, you will work with a commercial pattern to make garments of your own choice, that fit correctly. The course will enable you to enhance your skills in operating a sewing machine and an overlocker.

The College will provide sewing machines onsite if needed, and overlockers during class time. Please note you do not need to have an overlocker machine for this course.

Limit of 9 students.

For Anna Milch's Class:


Please choose a commercial pattern eg Butterick, McCalls ,Simplicity, Burda easy, or New Look. It is recommended that you purchase an intermediate pattern, such as pants, blouse or paneled dress. Please avoid patterns for advanced users.
Please note: Paper patterns are multi sized. Using a tape measure, you will need to take your measurements then check the measurements on the pattern to ensure you are buying the right sized pattern. If you are unsure please ask the shop assistant to help measure you or ask your tutor in the first lesson.


The reverse of your pattern envelope will tell you how much fabric you need to buy. We recommend choosing a cotton, rayon or linen fabric which can have stripes or checks. As velvets and soft sheer fabrics are for advanced sewers, we recommend to avoid them. If stretch knit fabrics are desired, please purchase a small quantity (0.10m) and consult with your tutor. If you are not sure you could ask the shop assistant to help you with the fabric choice and quantity.
You need to pre shrink your fabric prior to cutting it. Please wash and dry your fabric before your first lesson.


Please buy at least two 100m-200m spools of quality 120 spun polyester dressmaking thread to match your fabric color. Choose thread brands such as Rasant, Coats Astra, Metrosene or Gutterman. If you are planning to have the same color threads for the overlocking seams, you need to have a minimum of 5 spools.

Sewing machines

You do not need to own a sewing machine or overlocker for use in class, as the college provides Bernina sewing machines and overlockers. If you want to bring your own machines to class please also bring the instruction manuals, foot control, and accessories.

For Bronnies Class:

Our intermediate sewing course is a great follow on from Bronnie’s Beginners Sewing Course or if you already know the basics. Learn this life skill whilst having a lot of creative fun along the way. 

 You will learn:

  • How to assemble and adjust an Indie pattern 
  • How to cut from a pattern and include all markings and notches 
  • Buttonholes
  • Waistbands 
  • In seam pockets 
  • Zips 
  • Darts

 At the end of this course you will take home your own handmade pair of winter pj pants and skirt or top.

What to Bring:

Anna Milch's Class:

What to bring for the first class:

Your pattern, fabric, sewing thread, tape measure, scissors, 2 meters of calico, box of dressmaking pins, pen and notepad to the first class.
In the first lesson, the tutor will explain what items you need to bring to each class. The items will be shown, and a list will be provided.

This includes:

• dressmaking scissors, paper scissors, small seam trimming scissors (clippers)

• pins - recommended is a box of purl head or glass head pins (minimum 150 pins)

• tape measure

• magnetic pin dish or magnet to keep the pins safe

• pressing cloth

• tailors chalk and friction pen

• sewing gauge

• invisible zipper foot

• bodkins or safety pins (3 psc - different sizes)

• machine needles - 1 pack of 5 -Recommending: Schmetz mixed size pack of 5: size:70,80, 90 Universal Needle.

• bobbins

• magnetic seam guide

• interfacing

• seam ripper

• invisible sticky tape

• a roll of butchers paper or paper for patterns

Pls Note: Some of these may not be required, depending on the garment you are making. If you already have some sewing equipment, please bring it along to the first lesson. The tutor will check to see if your equipment is suitable. If you do not have equipment, do not buy it until the tutor has showed you the recommended products. This will avoid incorrect equipment being purchased.
You must bring your equipment to each lesson.

You will learn about machine sewing techniques including:

• Seams and seam finishes with intermediate difficulty

• Pockets with intermediate difficulty

• Facings /lining

• Interfacing

• Pleating

• Hem finishes with intermediate difficulty

• Buttonholes

• Zipper insertion

• collars and neckline finishes

• Waistband finishes with intermediate difficulty

• Sleeves

• Plackets

• Cuffs

Lesson 1

Introduction to tutor and fellow students
Tutor discusses individual pattern and fabric choice with each student
Sewing equipment list and explanation
Checking the correct body measurements are taken
Checking the pattern is understood correctly and size is established as per the pattern size guide. Checking cut out/ fabric and notions requirements.
How to cut out a paper pattern and make adjustments, for personalized fit

Lesson 2

How to lay out your pattern on fabric
Correct pinning of pattern to fabric
Correct cutting of fabric
Practice correct sewing techniques for a seam and seam finish
Revise step by step pattern construction instructions and adjust sewing methods to fabric and fit

Lesson 3-8

Individual assistance in garment construction on the sewing machine
Modifying /adjusting your garment for fit
Use the sewing machine and overlocker with intermediate skills.

For Bronnie's Class:

  • No Pattern necessary (Drafting a pattern based on body shape to be discussed in first lesson)
  • 2.5m of flannelette or soft woven cotton for pj pants. It is best to choose a plain colour, or a print that is not directional.  (Please wash before class)
  • Fabric - to be discussed in first lesson
  • Sewing machine (there are machines available onsite if needed)
  • Thread (please only buy good quality thread, I suggest Rasant or Gütermann in a neutral shade)
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread snips or embroidery scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Pearl headed pins
  • One-metre of cotton or cotton poplin

See you at the sewing table!

About the Tutor

Anna Milch

Anna Milch is a seasoned fashion professional who relishes the nuts-and-bolts practice of fashion through her extensive experience in product development, fashion design and production management. This includes having overseen the licensing and production of fashion collections both in Australia and offshore.

One of Anna’s most proud career highlights has been as the designer and developer of a range of sustainably designed activewear for Kusaga Athletics: the company that makes the “greenest tee on the planet”.

Her passion for sustainable fashion and digital technologies in the field of pattern design, embroidery and fabric print has seen her engaging with active and swimwear brands, specialised merchandising manufacturers and big fashion retailers of women's, youth's, children's and baby's wear.

With over thirty years of industry practice and fifteen years as an educator, Anna has applied her sensibility for style and perfectionism to working with fashion students as a lecturer and mentor, guiding the budding designers of the future at the highest professional level.

Bronnie Zervos:

Bronnie started crafting as a way to practice mindfulness and create time for herself in a busy world. Her journey started with sewing cushions and beach bags which proved to be very popular. Bronnie''s real passion is inspiring others to get creative and enjoy making their own projects. Bronnie believes everybody has a creative side!

$309 Limited inc GST / $278.10
General Sewing Intermediate

<h2 id="header-course-outline">Course Outline:</h2>

<p>This sewing class is designed for the intermediate sewer who has done the beginner's course already. It is also suitable for HSC students and

$330 Limited inc GST / $297
General Sewing Intermediate

<h2 id="header-course-outline">Course Outline:</h2>

<p>This sewing class is designed for the intermediate sewer who has done the beginner's course already. It is also suitable for HSC students and


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