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French Beginners Stage 1 (Nicole Laugier)

Course Outline:

This course is designed for students who have no previous or very little knowledge of the French language. In that course, we will start from the very beginning and slowly build up all aspects of the language in a step by step manner: grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.

Students will be encouraged to participate in class with an emphasis on simple conversation throughout the course. Homework will be assigned.

During this Term, we will learn the following verbs: être, avoir, regular verbs ending in -er, c’est / il y a and aller.
Also: articles, masculine and feminine, adjectives, the negative sentence, how to ask basic questions, numbers and lots of vocabulary!

What to Bring:

Nicole Laugiers class

  • La Grammaire en Dialogues - Niveau débutant + CD (A1 / A2) - 2ème édition - by
    Claire Miquel - CLE INTERNATIONAL - ISBN: 978-209-038-0583
  • La Grammaire Progressive du Francais / Nouvelle Edition: Niveau débutant (A1) + CD
    3ème édition avec 440 exercices - by Maia Grégoire - CLE INTERNATIONAL 2018
    ISBN: 978-209-038-0996

._Please note: make sure you check with the college that the course has definitely got the numbers to run before purchasing the text books. The college will not accept responsibility if you have purchased the text book and the course is subsequently cancelled. You can contact us on phone (9970 1000) or email to check if the course is running.

Recommended Suppliers:

  • Abbey's bookshop - York Street (in the CBD)

About The Tutor:

Nicole Laugier is a French national who grew up and was educated in France. Nicole has been a private tutor for the past 20 years mainly in Australia and Asia. She has also taught as a primary school teacher in New Caledonia (1986-1988). Nicole has taught at Mosman Community College for many years where she enjoys sharing the different aspects of the French language and the different facets of the French culture. Nicole is accredited by the French Alliance (DAEFLE).

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French Beginners Stage 1 (Nicole Laugier)

<h2 id="header-course-outline"><strong>Course Outline:</strong></h2>

<p>This course is designed for students who have no previous or very little knowledge of the French language. In that course, we


If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Small class number meant there was lots of opportunity to speak. Students were very friendly. Nicole was very encouraging & made the lessons fun!
  • I enjoyed the interaction with the class and Nicole's ability to cater for different abilities, providing lots of verbal practice. I also liked the fact that we are learning the correct way to speak undoing bad habits learned from the past!
  • Nicole is amazing and found her very patient in teaching. I enjoyed my experience in learning beginners French.