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Drawing: Beginners to Intermediate

Always wanted to know how to draw? Well why not join this fun, relaxed course? We will cover many topics including basic shapes, shading and drawing from subjects including a Life Model. (NB: Life Model is in John's class only)  This course provides an introduction to a range of drawing skills and materials required to produce representational drawings. Fun and challenging exercises will encourage students to develop their skills and personal style in a supportive learning environment.

Students will draw from still-life arrangements in the studio to tune their observation skills, establish proportions, explore tone and shading, create mood and investigate ways to create the illusion of space in their drawings. Fun and relaxing, this drawing course for beginners to intermediate is accessible to anyone wanting to explore their creative potential.

Course Outline:

For John Wells' class:

  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Using shading
  • Drawing from an assembled still life
  • Drawing subjects: Flora and Fauna
  • Drawing with perspective: Bring along a photograph of a street at your favourite holiday destination, or an image of an interesting building
  • Drawing people and portraits: Participants will discuss the rules of proportion of the human body and begin to look at features of the face, ending in a complete portrait study from a photo of their choice
  • Life drawing: Towards the end of the course you will be able to put your newly found skills to the test by drawing a life model

For Jennifer Rosnell's class:

Jennifers Sessions:

Discover how to draw with graphite pencils, chalk pastels watercolour and ink with subjects such as still life, botanical, interiors and portraits. Explore mark making using a variety of drawing mediums from pencil, charcoal, ink via quick sketches and sustained drawings. Looking at the fundamentals of drawing from basic shading techniques to more advanced drawing methods in a fun and engaging way. 

Each class is designed to improve your drawing skills and discover new ways of using different art materials and being inspired by various artists.

  •  Drawing everyday objects, basic shapes, shading techniques.
  • Drawing flowers/botanicals
  • Drawing with the use of shading to create shape
  • “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” book exploration of various exercises such as contour drawing, negative space, drawing upside down, drawing the face
  • We will draw in pencil every session but also explore other materials such as willow charcoal, ink drawing and watercolour
  • Fun exploration using non traditional drawing practices

 For Mark Kingston's class:

Have you always wanted to be able to draw? If you learn the right techniques and practice regularly you will be surprised at what you can achieve. This fun and challenging course will teach you practical art principles that will be applied in each class to improve your drawing skills. Your tutor Mark Kingston, a Master of Visual Art will guide you step by step through the drawing process. His knowledge and expertise will inspire you and help you achieve your personal artistic goals. Each week Mark will teach you about one or two art principles. You will then apply this knowledge in a range of drawing exercises and finished drawings.

  • Form and Composition
  • Linear Perspective and Landscape Drawing
  • Tone and Shade
  • Still life Tonal Drawings
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (A range of drawing techniques to help you unleash your own creativity.)
  • Figure Drawings
  • Portrait Drawings

What to Bring:

For John Wells' class:

Participants need to bring the following materials to their first class of this drawing course:

  • Drawing pads (A3 size).
  • A range of pencils: HB, 2B 4B, 6B and a pencil sharpener.
  • White hard Staedtler erasers.

In addition to these materials you will need to bring along some photographs to use as subject matter:

  • A sample of plants or flowers, either real or photographs.
  • Photographs of animals and birds or favourite pets.
  • Photographs of buildings, streetscapes, favourite holiday destinations, anything that shows a building in perspective.
  • Photographs of people, family members or ancestors.
  • Additional materials / other media will be discussed the first day.

For Jennifer Rosnell's class:

Materials for Jennifer Rosnells Class

  • Drawing pad/sketch book A4 or A3
  • Range of pencils HB 2B 4B 6B
  • Pencil sharpener
  • White hard eraser & kneadable rubber
  • A couple of chalk pastels your fav colours or red blue green yellow
  • Watercolours 
  • Brush
  • Watercolour paper 250-300gsm
  • (All materials will be discussed on the first session in more detail therefore pencils and paper required for the first class)

Reference printouts will be provided for each class to each student but students are welcome to bring in a printout of a favourite animal pet, friend or interior image.

For Mark Kingston's class:

  • Please bring eraser(Staedtler) 
  • sharpener
  • 2H, H, HB,2B, 4B & 6B pencils
  • a pad of paper and a ruler.

If you are unable to source all of the items please do not worry. Bring along what you can to the first session and John can help you source any items you could not find/purchase. Black or White watercolour paints are not needed.

Please Note: NBMC is not liable to for any loss incurred if a class is cancelled please check with the college by calling 02) 9970 1000 or emailing enquiries@nbMc.nsw.edu.au before purchasing materials.

Recommended Art Suppliers

Local Suppliers

Eckersley's Arts and Craft Brookvale
1/648 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale
Ph: 02 8058 9491

The Art Shop
12/20 Bungan St, Mona Vale
Ph: 02 9979 6559

Manly Art Supplies
8 Belgrave St, Manly
Ph: 02 9977 4107

About the Tutors:

John Wells

John Wells has a Foundation and Pre Diploma from the Rochester College of Art, a Diploma in Art and Design (First Class Honours) from Brighton College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Art Degree from Reading University. John is a professional artist, and produces murals and works in trompe l’oeil for clients as diverse as Meriton Apartments and Fox Studios. John has extensive teaching experience in the adult education sector.

Jennifer Rosnell:

Jennifer Rosnell is a Northern Beaches artist and designer, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of NSW and an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design. She has many years of life drawing experience from the Julian Ashton Art School at the Rocks and Manly Art Gallery & Museum. Jennifer has worked as a creative for over 25 years she is an exhibiting artist with numerous galleries in Australia and works on commissions for collectors worldwide. 

Jennifer has enjoyed great success her work appearing in Home Beautiful magazine and in a number of esteemed prizes. Most recently winner of the Peoples Choice Award for the Mosman Art prize 2022 and finalist in various prizes such as the Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize at the S.H. Ervin Gallery (2020, 2021) The Percival Portrait Prize (2022) The Perception Tucker Regional Gallery QLD and The National Emerging Art Prize - Amber Crewel Bell Selects (2021) Michael Reid Gallery Northern Beaches.

Mark Kingston

Mark’s education includes a Bachelor of Visual Art degree from Sydney University and a Master of Art degree from the University of New South Wales. His teaching experience includes lecturing at TAFE as part of the Visual Art program and at JMC Academy as part of a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree.

Mark is one of Australia’s most talented realist oil painters. His attention to detail, exquisite painting technique and love of colour has made his work popular with art collectors and the general public. With over 40 group and solo shows across Australia, his paintings have been acquired by corporate collections such as the Roche Group and White Lotus.

His work has been featured in ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, ‘The Sun Herald’ and ‘The Daily Telegraph’ newspapers. His work has repeatedly been showcased on the cover of and as a feature article in the ‘Australian Artist Magazine’. He has also had articles written about his work in ‘Belle Magazine’, ‘Australian Road Rider Magazine’, ‘Peninsula Magazine’ and ‘24 Hours Magazine’.

Mark has been chosen as a finalist in an impressive list of prestigious art prizes, including the Mortimer Art Prize, Hills Grammar Art Award, ANL Maritime Art Prize and as one of ten finalists exhibited on the Museum of Contemporary Arts online gallery.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • I enjoyed the genuine benevolence of John our teacher and all course participants
  • After a very long time of not having art in my life ,it's just great to be back drawing again. To be guided by a competent teacher who enjoys his vocation. I am hopeful that my tuition will re start next term.
  • This is a great foundation course, going from basic techniques to portrait and life drawing. As you learn to draw, you might then want to go on with the course in watercolours, also led by John Wells.
  • John Wells was an excellent trainer, knowledgeable, helpful and best of all great fun.
  • I love learning. John is an excellent teacher. He has such a wealth of knowledge and experience. He's an amazing talented man and I feel privileged and very lucky to be one of his students.
  • John Wells is a very personable, experienced and knowledgeable artist/teacher. He is extremely generous with his knowledge and his classes were very enjoyable. I learnt a lot. Thank you.
  • John, Did a fantastic job, he is a great teacher and obviously a very proficient artist with an excellent sense of humour and very helpful. I found the course extremely rewarding and beneficial for me and my increasing talent as an artist. I will definitely come back next year and do the water colour course with him. So overall very happy, you could not employ a better teacher for art than John, well done Northern Beaches College. Kind Regards Steve
  • Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Loved the structure of the course. Short introduction to the basics. Time to put theory into practise. Lots of warm support and help. Just brilliant! Thank you
  • Using the techniques I was taught I am now much more confident about drawing and happy to show the end result to family and friends.
  • I actually produced some drawings from class 1! I was surprised and very pleased by how competent they seemed given I am a person who has always said "I can't draw."