Drawing for Beginners - Weekend Workshop - Northern Beaches Community College

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Drawing for Beginners - Weekend Workshop

Course Outline:

This introductory drawing course covers the basics of drawing techniques through a practical study of form, shading, colour and perspective. You’ll gain the skills needed to produce a lovely landscape, still life, figure drawing and more.

Fun and relaxing, this drawing course for beginners is accessible to anyone wanting to explore their creative potential.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognise the nuances of subtle pencil shading
  • Identify where light is seen in drawing every subject
  • See and relate to drawing form in its many guises
  • Demonstrate confidence in the knowledge that you are now able to draw almost any subject.


Day 1
Drawing basic shapes
Using shading
Drawing from an assembled still life
Drawing subjects such as flora and fauna
Drawing animals and birds
Note: feel free to bring along your own botanical subject from your garden or balcony and/or any pictures of your favourite pet or animal.

Day 2
Drawing with perspective
Please being along a photograph of a street at your favourite holiday destination, or an image of an interesting building. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Drawing people and portraits
We’ll discuss the rules of proportion of the human body and begin to look at features of the face. We will end with a complete portrait study from a photo of your choice.

Life drawing
Fun with drawing a number of volunteer models from our group, including your facilitator! Poses will be for 10 minutes at a time, fully clothed of course!

Intended audience
Suitable for anyone new to art or with some previous experience.

Everyone will begin to learn on the same footing – from the fundamentals.

What to Bring:

Please bring the following materials to the first class:

  • Drawing pads (A3 size)
  • A range of pencils: HB, 2B 4B, 6B and a pencil sharpener
  • White Staedtler erasers
  • Photographs to use as subject matter.

Photograph ideas include:

a sample of plants or flowers (real or photographed)
animals, birds, or favourite pets
buildings, streetscapes, favourite holiday destinations – anything that shows a building in perspective
people, family members or ancestors.
Additional materials/other media will be discussed on the first day.

Please Note: NBMC is not liable to for any loss incurred if a class is cancelled please check with the college by calling 02) 9970 1000 or emailing enquiries@nbcc.nsw.edu.au before purchasing materials.

About the Tutor:

John Wells has a Foundation and Pre Diploma from the Rochester College of Art, a Diploma in Art and Design (First Class Honours) from Brighton College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Art Degree from Reading University. John is a professional artist, and produces murals and works in trompe l’oeil for clients as diverse as Meriton Apartments and Fox Studios. John has extensive teaching experience in the adult education sector.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Our instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable and we were able to get a good grasp of the subject in a relatively short period of time.
  • Enjoyed the intensity of the course. Time went fast. John Wells is an excellent teacher.
  • I enjoyed the pace of the class and how much we covered in the time.
  • I enjoyed getting to try the different techniques and subject matter has helped me identify what I enjoy drawing, and it has given me confidence to keep on drawing!
  • The content covered all the basics, and the Tutor did this all well. The practical exercises were quite suitable and John allowed appropriate time to do them. His particular skill is in explanations and demonstrations.