Article: Secret Super Power - Northern Beaches Community College

Article: Secret Super Power

"It’s like having a secret super-power"

Local nurse Jo Neophyton gives us the back story on what it’s like to be a trainer at Northern Beaches & Mosman College(NBMC) and what sort of work is waiting at the end of the course.

Most unusual story

“The most unusual place I've ever resuscitated someone is in the David Jones ladies shoe department.” reveals Jo Neophyton, a nurse and also a trainer of health and community services courses at the local College (NBMC). "It’s pretty rewarding to know you can save a life."

My superpower

"To have these specialist CPR skills, it’s like having a secret superpower…..and teaching it to new students gives me a real buzz. I still do regular nursing shifts on the side so it means I can keep my training relevant and fresh with real life examples such as saving the lady above. It certainly keeps the course interesting.

Hot demand for health skills

Jo has been teaching at the College for 10 years and she highly recommends getting into the health sector as, in her opinion, you become very employable.

"There’s a big and ever-growing demand for assistant nurses (one of the courses I teach) and that demand has become even more intense since the Northern Beaches hospital opened. Most people I know who’ve applied for a job up there got in straight away. Not only that, I’ve also had students who’ve liked assistant nursing so much they’ve gone on to become enrolled nurses and registered nurses, just like me. They were able to receive credits for some of the study they did in my course which can save you time and money, which is great news."

Employers constantly calling up

"As a trainer, I’ve noticed demand is ALSO running hot for “individual support” roles. Employers are ringing up saying 'we’ll offer your students a job' literally as soon as they enrol in the course. The job is really flexible and the highest demand is for the ‘home care’ industry. (i.e. visiting elderly residents helping them with small tasks in their homes/helping with medications/light shopping etc.) It’s actually a really great job for someone who wants part time or flexible hours."

The People?

"It’s funny because I get people of all ages doing my courses, from the school leavers…to the corporate city professionals looking for jobs with more meaning…. right through to the mature aged. The main thing you need is the capacity to care about other humans. I’ve got caring in my blood. Even in my personal life I’ve started rescuing horses…I really just can’t help it."

About Me?

"I love that nursing has given me that social ability to be warm and connect with someone quite quickly. Trust is important if your job is to get someone better. My fun fact is that back in the day I was also a flight attendant. It’s a great way to travel and see fantastic new places. You could say it crosses over with nursing …..both jobs involve call-bells. haha."

The Difference?

"The difference I see with NBMC is the trainers still have a foot in the industry like myself, we have smaller classes and we have a nurturing environment.

Looking forward

I am looking forward to meeting all of the fresh faces in 2020, seeing them thrive and watching them gain the “superpower” skill of saving another human …..which as I discovered…..always happens when you least expect it."

Training may be subsidised by the NSW govt RTO ID 90113