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Article: Qualify for the Booming Healthcare Sector

Qualify for the booming healthcare sector in just six months. This is Naomi’s story.

Naomi McNaughton (pictured right) did a short aged care course in 2013 and suddenly realised she was “hot stuff”.

How many job interviews start with “When can you start?” “Tell us the hours that fit in with you?”.

When this happened to 47 year old Naomi MacNaughton, only half way through her 6 month aged care course, she realised she had stumbled into a booming industry.

“I had dabbled in clerical and creative type jobs before, but I had NEVER experienced this level of demand for my skills right at the beginning of a course.” Naomi enthused.

Demand for jobs is predicted to rapidly accelerate in both healthcare and aged care as our proportion of people aged 65+ reaches record highs and will continue to increase over the next 10 – 20 years (source: ABS). Well paid healthcare jobs with only 6 months qualifications include; nursing assistant roles, physiotherapy assistant, occupational health assistant, “home drop-in” aged care worker…and many more.

“Many people in my first course used it as a stepping stone for a career in the wider healthcare industry.” Advises Naomi. "The course boosts your confidence. One of my classmates is now a paramedic, others are aged carers dropping into homes and some have become nursing assistants. When it comes to me…..I loved the industry so much I am about to become a qualified nurse!"

"It helped in our very first course to have an incredibly passionate trainer, Jo, who in my opinion is a gifted teacher and made us believe in ourselves. Northern Beaches & Mosman College (NBMC)(Where I did the course) is so easy to get to and has a great reputation. When I initially rang up I was also surprised to learn about the government funding for all these courses. I’d recommend giving NBMC a quick call and chatting through your situation because for me that funding meant I could sign up then and there.

“If you are a people person, young or old, you will find a career in healthcare and aged care amazingly rewarding. You'll never look back”.

"It’s also a smart industry to get into because, looking at the future, this is work that can never be done by robots….so your skills will always remain pretty “hot”."

Here are links below to both Naomi’s Course and other short courses that provide a career stepping stone into the health industry.

If you are interested in more information check out the courses below:

Written by Virginia Mounsey (advertorial)

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