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New Skills Training Article

BREAKING: A 2019 “cash splash” in training by the NSW Government is saving businesses thousands while employees gain new skills.

Find out how your business benefits.

Businesses are scrambling to take advantage of the newly announced NSW Government funding package, which covers every last dollar of new skillset training. The best news is, most businesses qualify ... so why not train the whole team!

It’s true! In “just announced” news from the generous NSW government, you can now gain new skills for absolutely zilch, nada….nothing in costs!

This can be in anything from learning new computer software (Xero, MYOB, Microsoft), management skills (leading teams), customer service, aged care, accounting, community care, mental health, early childhood ... the list goes on forever.

It’s called TPPPQ*. We’ll explain what that stands for in just a minute.

Why is it free? Well, in simple terms, in a fast changing world the government has recognised that up-to-date-skills are essential for our growing economy.

No catches and no strings (believe it or not} ... and the news gets better. Why? You actually don’t have to even leave the workplace. You can ask your chosen RTO Trainer to come to you and the courses will be tailored around your business team needs.

The TPPPQ full name is a bit of a mouthful (*Targeted Priorities Prevocational Part Qualification) but please don’t let this fool you. Lying behind this name is one of the most generous training programs seen in NSW for decades…and that’s a fact, so be smart and act now.

If you’re an employee who’s always wanted training but there’s never any budget, hit your employer up without delay. If you’re a manager needing a whole department trained…then now is the time to pick up the phone and get the ball rolling.

Just send an email to us at NBMC (Northern Beaches Mosman College) and we can help you do the rest. We are an award winning RTO (Registered Training Organisation RTO ID 90113) so make sure you talk to our director Fran Butterworth 9970 1000 or of course send an email to or

Relevant subjects are cherrypicked from nationally recognised training qualification and customised training is done either on site or by attending the college at Brookvale or Narrabeen.

Courses can be scheduled to meet the needs of the business. As an added bonus, if individuals decide to gain the full blown Cert III or IV qualifications later on…they’ll get credits for what they’ve done. Our trainers are high quality and industry trained, which is why we have won awards 2 years running for outstanding contribution to education in our local area.

Who can apply? Below is the wide criteria:

1. Open to businesses
2. Businesses must be looking to improve skills for ongoing employment.
3. Employees must be Australian or NZ citizens, permanent residents or humanitarian visa holders.
4. Employees must be 15+ and finished high school

Northern Beaches & Mosman College (NBMC) is in a front row seat to be able to deliver to you all of your training needs so don’t delay ... you never know how long this generous program will be around.

Read more about TPPPQ here in the link below:

New Skills Training

This training is subsidised by the NSW Government