Early Childhood Article by Jenny Angus - Northern Beaches Community College

Early Childhood Article by Jenny Angus

Why traineeships can "work too well."

Jenny Angus (owner of Mungarra Kindergarten) encourages anyone who loves children to line up a traineeship….but explains why they seem to work too well at her centre.

“I feel proud when one of my trainees develops skills for a promotion somewhere else, or goes on to university, even though we're losing them,” laments Jenny, the passionate owner of Mungarra, a boutique early learning centre at St Ives catering for children (0-4 year olds).

So why are her trainees in high demand?

Our philosophy at Mungarra is “lifelong learning” and this means we make sure everything here is a learning experience. We even use nappy changing time for furthering numeracy and language with the babies…. we believe they need an environment that is beautiful, challenging and ever-changing."

Jenny points out that her learning philosophy equally applies to the trainees in her care.

"The great thing with traineeships is you ‘earn as you learn,’ while being mentored and trained by experienced staff. It’s convenient because the college trainer comes to you and all prac and theory work is completed on the job."

"You receive a CERT III *qualification, a great grounding course, at the end of 1 or 2 years."

Some, like 2 of my trainees last year, even use it as a stepping stone to a university degree.

"We partner with NBCC college (Northern Beaches Community College…now including Mosman) and they have been very supportive. The trainer is both amazing and experienced and the college definitely deserve all the awards they’ve won.

“We use them also for our professional development days such as First aid, Child protection and CPR.” (The college is NESA endorsed.)

"This job can be a wonderful career if you are interested in education, have an inner passion and like to make a difference. There are moments that make you melt. For me, it’s when all the children are sitting, eyes full of excitement, waiting for the next part of the story."

Any advice to potential trainees?

"If you like children, are enthusiastic and show initiative, you are probably a good candidate. Approach your local childcare centre, NBCC or even us! We are always on the hunt for good trainees."

Contact Natalie Thornberry on 9970 1001 or email natalie@nbcc.nsw.edu.au for further information.

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