A Fresh College Name - Northern Beaches Community College

A Fresh College Name

A Fresh College Name

When Mosman Community College wanted a fresh start, they asked if their sister college could officially “adopt” them.

Welcome to the new Northern Beaches & Mosman College (NBMC); ready to re-shape futures.

Fran Butterworth, CEO of NBMC, remembers that day in September 2018 very clearly. “It was 2 days before I was due to go on holidays,” she says, when Mosman Community College first reached out to their Northern Beaches neighbour, asking if she could run both colleges. Her gut reaction was instant. “I really want to do this,” she thought.

"I’m quite passionate about what the colleges do and the difference they can make to community."

"I’ve been involved with them for 20 years and Mosman has an incredible 70 year history."

She thinks Mosman had “done their homework” and could see Northern Beaches College had invested heavily in popular career upskill courses and were winning education awards.

“You only have to drive over the spit bridge to see what's possible. We also wanted access to many of their courses”…. and so the combined college was born.

"We have added the Mosman name into our logo because they are important to us in plans going forward. Mosman will have lots of new accredited courses (including Xero, Cert I in First Aid). We added the popular “tech savvy seniors” on top of still running almost all existing courses Our intention is to expand what’s there, without changing it."

"One of our biggest goals is making young people being aware of all the courses on offer. The college had 3,300 students through the doors last year, studying anything from childcare, bookkeeping, french, assistant nursing and graphic design software."

Fran states that courses are affordable because NBMC is not-for-profit…..but many are also surprised that the NSW govt may fund some course fees as well.

“There's pressure to upskill regularly now and thankfully these NSW govt. programmes can help with the cost of this. We also just love seeing people learn and that's why we foster a friendly, relaxed vibe here,” smiles Fran."It’s been proven there are many health benefits (mental health/increased social interactions/ confidence) by actually turning up to new class……and that’s on top of all the great skills you’ll gain.

We have had thousands of happy past students and it’ll be exciting to welcome many more."

Enquiries: ph: 99701000 / e: enquiries@nbcc.nsw.edu.au

Training may be subsidised by the NSW Government RTO ID 90113