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Small Business Starter

Course Outline:

Ever wondered what it would be like to be your own boss, call the shots and going to work knowing your trying to build towards financial freedom.
This course is designed to give you the introduction to setting up your very own small business.
Over 3 Thursday evenings we will cover topics ranging from:

* Establishing a small business
* Branding & the need for protection
* Marketing
* Reporting obligations
* Potential legal risks
* staffing & HR matters
* Highs and Lows of small business

The objective of this short course into give you the basic steps and tools for you to be able to go and establish your very own business.

STAGE 1: Introduction to small business

- Understanding what small business is
- Who regulates small business
- Highs and lows of beings self employed
- Risks involved in small business

STAGE 2: Regulatory Aspects

Types of business structures Registration obligations Reporting obligations Reporting periods Accounting package Insurance obligations

STAGE 3: Planning Stage

- Why am I setting up my business
- Who are my competitors & what is my target market
- is there a gap in the market
- What makes me different to my competitors
- Developing a business plan
- Key advisers ( accountant, tax agent, lawyer, recruiter)

STAGE 4: Projection Stage

- What start up costs are there
- do I need licensing and accreditation/ permits
- Access to purchase start up costs
- Access to trading money
- Access to living money
- access to marketing money
- Basic budget
- How long can I survive vs how long do I need
- Basic projections

STAGE 5: Marketing Stage

- Establishing a brand
- Brand design
- Brand protection
- Types of marketing

STAGE 6: Building your network

- Legal
- Financial
- Accounting
- Mentoring

From planning to implementation

No entry level requirements - this course is targeted as small business start up operators looking to get a better understanding of setting up a small business

What to Bring:

Notebook and pen - for writing down important information and web addresses.

About the Tutor:

My name is Anthony Lang, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I have over 15 years’ experience, in both accredited and non-accredited training including industry practice experience. I specialise in the areas of:

•        Business management

•        Community Services

•        Property Services

•        Financial Services

•        Soft skills / Non accredited courses

I have trained, assessed, and mentored a broad range of students, which has included government sector, corporate sector, high school students, disadvantaged and retirees returning to the workplace.

I am passionate about inspiring and engaging students in order for them to develop into their full potential. I care about making a career difference in my students lives and endeavour to deliver workshops and online support that connect with my students. I encourage my students to cultivate relationships with one another, apply their newly learned skills, network amongst themselves and use their newly acquired skills in both their workplace and personal lives.

$163 Limited GST free / $146.70
Small Business Starter

<h2 id="header-course-outline"><strong>Course Outline:</strong></h2>

<p>Ever wondered what it would be like to be your own boss, call the shots and going to work knowing your trying to build towards


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