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Introduction to Music Composition

Course Outline

• Target Audience: Beginners and intermediate learners in music production.
• Course Duration: 6 online sessions 
• Delivery Mode: Online
• Software used is: Cubase Pro 12 

Participants will need a basic understanding of using Music Software so some computer skills required.  If unsure please contact the college for further information.

Module 1: Introduction to Cubase Pro 12
• Overview of Cubase Pro 12 interface.
• Basic setup and configuration for first-time users.
• Introduction to key features relevant to beginners.

Module 2: Fundamentals of Music Composition
• Understanding song structures (with examples).
• Basics of melody, harmony, and rhythm.
• Using Cubase for sketching out ideas.

Module 3: Working with Virtual Instruments (VSTs)
• Choosing the right VSTs for different music styles.
• Exploring Cubase’s stock instruments.
• Tips for using third-party VSTs effectively.

Module 4: Arrangement and Production Techniques
• Developing your composition into a full arrangement.
• Introduction to MIDI programming and editing.
• Basic audio recording techniques (if applicable).

Module 5: Mixing and Effects
• Basic mixing concepts and workflow in Cubase.
• Using EQ, compression, and other effects.
• Balancing levels and panning for a clear mix.

Module 6: Finalising and Exporting Your Project
• Basic mastering techniques in Cubase.
• Exporting your track for different formats.
• Tips for organizing and saving your project files.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.