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Healthy Home

Course Outline

Is your home making you sick?

Do you have persistent headaches, unexplained respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath or sleep difficulties? Or experience fatigue, mood swings or joint pain? Our homes, sadly, are full of hidden hazards that are swarming all around us.

  • musty smells
  • mould
  • condensation
  • poor water supply
  • dust mites
  • chemicals, poisons; and more

Given we spend ninety percent of our time indoors isn’t it time to pay attention and create a healthy, nurturing space that supports you and your family. Explore the impact of environmental influences and connect the dots between your home and your health.

Gain insight and practical tips on how to improve the environmental quality of your home as we unpack whether where you live is affecting your health.

About Kathryn Glendenning

With a background of thirty years in residential property management Kathryn’s curiosity with the built environment led her to study in the areas of environmental psychology, space clearing, Feng Shui, environmental medicine and interior design.

Kathryn enjoys helping individuals create homes that support and nourish the mind and body and uses techniques to heal homes and transform space.


  • Licensed Real Estate Agent (Real Estate Management)
  • Advanced Diploma in Yoga Studies (Yoga Institute)
  • MIMS (Mould Illness Made Simple Certificate
  • ATMS Certificate: Environmental Medicine
  • Health Hazards in the Home

"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us." Winston Churchill

Please Bring:

  • Notebook and Pen

How to Enrol

You can enrol online and over the phone using a credit card

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