French Beginners Stage 3 (Dominique Partridge) - Northern Beaches Community College

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French Beginners Stage 3 (Dominique Partridge)

Course Outline:

This course is designed for students who have previously studied the French language at a Beginners level, and wish to improve their conversational skills and fluency in the language. Students need to be familiar with present, past and future tenses. We will cover listening, speaking, writing and reading skills in a social and interactive environment. 

If you are unsure about your suitability, we can put you in touch with the instructor to discuss your level.

Please Bring:

Notebook and pen and the following textbook

  • As this course is continuous, we will start term 1, 2023 at page 128, ‘dossier 7, leçon 1', of the textbook, Cosmopolite 1.

(Textbook Cosmopolite A1, text book :
and Cosmopolite A1, exercise book (cahier d'activités):

_Please note: make sure you check with the college that the course has definitely got the numbers to run before purchasing the text books. The college will not accept responsibility if you have purchased the text book and the course is subsequently cancelled. Please contact us on phone (9970 1000) or email

 Recommended Suppliers:

  • Abbey's bookshop - York Street (in the CBD)

About The Tutor:

Dominique Partridge is an experienced tutor and has been tutoring at Mosman Evening College and now at Northern Beaches & Mosman College. She grew up in the countryside of France and has worked in Paris and London before moving to Australia. Dominique's experience in teaching and her in-depth knowledge of both, the French and English language, ensures her classes are of high standard. She uses up-to-date teaching methods and her classes are fun and stimulating!

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • I enjoyed the flexibility to still be able to join the class via Zoom, thank you.
  • The class is great fun and we all seem to be at a similar level. Our teacher is very kind and patient. I also love learning about the French Culture.
  • Dominique was very patient and varied the activities. The small number in the group was definitely beneficial
  • I love attending my French class weekly. It is a chance to stimulate my brain and catch up with the lovely people in the group. Our teacher is very kind and extremely patient.
  • As we've continued further into this course, Dominique has patiently resolved our queries, explained the complexities of the language and encouraged our French conversation, suggested books to read, programs to watch. Very grateful to still have the Zoom option too, thank you