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Electronic Music Production (Mac): Beginners

Course Outline:

Are you an aspiring music producer, a songwriter who would like to learn more about the music production process, or just curious about how electronic music is made?

Making EDM or electronic music at home today is easier and more affordable than ever. Learn the basics of music production starting with how to set up your home studio, then navigating the powerful and easy to use Logic Pro X software to create and mix your own tracks from scratch, and share your music online.

Prerequisites and notes for students -

This course will focus on Logic Pro which can only be installed on Mac desktop or laptop computers. Students can also use GarageBand which comes preloaded on all Macs. There are many similarities between the two programs, however note that Apple currently has a free 90-day trial of Logic Pro.

The course will demonstrate the key features of the music production process. Students can bring a laptop to class with the music program installed but this is not essential.

Week 1

Setting up your home studio – computer requirements, organisation and work flow, recording equipment for external instruments.

Week 2

Starting your project – understanding the Logic interface, MIDI and audio tracks, using loops and virtual instruments, arranging and editing your tracks.

Week 3

A deeper dive into Logic virtual instruments and tools – exploring synths and Drum Kit Designer, dynamic editing with Automation.

Week 4

Shaping the sound of your tracks with Logic effects plug-ins including compression, reverb and EQ.

Week 5

Recording live instruments – how to set up and record guitar and vocals with Logic, including editing and adding effects to your audio tracks.

Week 6

Finishing your project – mixing and mastering, sharing and promoting your music, further resources

Pre-requisite - Basic computer and music skills

What to Bring:

Notepad / pen

Mac Laptop

Optional - Laptop with GarageBand or LogicPro X installed  

About the Tutor:

​Jill Riddiford

 Jill (Rollerblue) is singer/songwriter and composer of electronic beats and instrumentals. Many of her tracks have reached the finals or have been shortlisted in song contests in Australia, the UK and the USA.

 She is a signed composer with Who’z the Boss Music Library in the USA and has had a song included on a release from Ramshaw Records, an independent record label in the UK. Jill also plays regularly at several open mic gigs around Sydney performing originals and covers.

 Jill completed a Bachelor of Music at Sydney’s Academy of Music and Performing Arts, studying music production and harmony. She also has a special interest in how AI can be applied to music composition.

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