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Digital Organisation and Time Management

How much is digital disorganisation costing your company in money, time and staff performance due to 

• Wasting time finding lost emails and files? 

• Staff using the wrong document version? 

• Documents saved in too many locations? 

• Poor team communication due to unclear action tasks? 

• Expected to know MS Office 365 but had no time to up-skill? 

• Overload of emails and digital communication? 

• Feeling constantly time poor?

Using Microsoft Office 365 learn how to become digitally organised and be more in control of your time and job satisfaction.  


Microsoft Office 365 installed on your computer and familiarity with using Zoom

Course outline:

1. Time management:

1.1. Digital time management fundamentals. 

1.2. Mapping your time. 

2. Calendar management

2.1. Manage your calendar. 

2.2. Assigning categories and colours. 

2.3. Using Emails, Calendar, Tasks and Notes together. 

3. Email management

3.1. Automating your emails. Using the new Search Folders. 

3.2. Rules on folders. 

3.3. Quick steps and quick click for emails. 

3.4. Colour code important emails automatically. 

3.5. Organising emails – latest technical tips. 

4. Folder and naming management

4.1. Folder set up and saving digital files. 

4.2. Naming conventions for folders and documents.

4.3. Allowing for growth. 

4.4. One file multiple virtual locations. 

4.5. Accessibility and Search Engine Optimisation. 

5. Focus techniques and time boundaries

5.1. Time management and to-do apps. 

5.2. Managing staff and teams (up, down and sideways).

 5.3. Using Tasks and To Do app to plan, track and action. 

6. Don’t type, talk.

6.1. Using voice and read out loud with Microsoft Office & IE 

6.2. Dictation instructions and shortcuts. 

7. Organising IE and Chrome browsers 

7.1. Sorting your bookmarks. 

7.2. Microsoft’s new browser Edge.

8. Navigating around windows 10

8.1. Managing notifications and interruptions. 

8.2. Have a presentation? Quickly tidy your desktop. 

9. Accessibility and better search results

9.1. Accessibility checklist and how to ensure staff meet WCAG 2.0. compliancy before uploading their document to the intranet or internet. 

9.2. Improve search results through document structure. 

10. Using digital tools to de-stress

10.1. Motivating yourself and staff. Proven techniques. 

10.2. Free apps to support motivation and de-stress. 

11. Managing papers 

11.1. Tips on organising and filing hard copies.

Please note this class will be held on Zoom.

Virtual Classroom using Zoom

Zoom is easy to use video conferencing software with a simple set up. You will be able to see your trainer and classmates and interact as though you were in the same room, all from the comfort of your own home!

This is what you need to join a Zoom classroom:

  • Understanding the basics of using Zoom – see our free Zoom tutorial by clicking here.
  • Access to a computer or iPad/tablet; and
  • A webcam* so that you can be seen by the trainer; and
  • A microphone* so that you can participate in the class and be heard by the trainer; and
  • A good Internet connection.

*If you have a laptop computer a webcam and microphone is usually built into the top of the screen frame. iPad/tablets also contain cameras and microphones.

Once you have watched our free tutorial and experimented with Zoom, if you still have questions, please contact the College on 9970 1000 and one of our experienced team will assist you.

About the tutor

Corinne McDevitt is the founder of Training Lab and is a master trainer in the Emotional Assertiveness ® program and a senior facilitator of the world leading communication, conflict and well-being programs that have been used by companies such as NASA, IBM, Coca Cola, General Finance and Audi and movie producers.

The programs aim to reduce stress, improve individual and team performance and increase the ability for people to effectively communicate and work more collaboratively. 

Her focus is to support companies and individual’s performance through powerful communication and resilience training. This helps to manage stress and to help people enjoy their work and home life more.

As well as training, she has also spoken at summits and on radio in Australia to raise awareness of this important issue and offers ways to address mental wellbeing.

Corinne completed a Bachelor of Arts/Business in three different countries, Australia, America and Japan. She is a social Sydney Manly beach ocean swimmer. She loves all outdoor activities and enjoys exploring Australia and the world. She currently lives in Sydney and has lived and worked in America, Japan and Britain.

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