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Create a Better Way of Being

Course Outline

Create a better way of living invites you to explore ways to incorporate healthier habits, set achievable goals and improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing with some wellness / mindful activities.

This short introductory course covers self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that limit success, and ways to overcome these obstacles, empowering you for change.

Over three weeks, you will be invited to set and review goals with practical worksheets and other mindful activities to maximise your success. Each class concludes with a guided self-care practice, from Gratitude Meditation, Pranayama breath practices and finishing with the course with a gentle Yoga practice.

Join me and embark on a journey of inner self discovery and a better way of living.

Please bring

A water bottle 
Wear loose comfortable clothes for movement.
Notebook and pen.
Week 1: Please bring any old magazines (1-3 for cutting up).  Some will be provided if you do not have. 

Session 1

The course begins with a practical exercise to explore our current state of being, and identifying areas you would like to improve on (from financials, relationships, health, friendships and more). This exercise sets you up to create measurable goals and outcomes for the weeks and months ahead.

We explore positive visualisation exercises such as creating a Vision Board, affirmations and letter writing to support change and wellbeing.

We end our first class with a guided Gratitude meditation practice. 

Session 2

Our mindset is often one of our biggest obstacles to change and this week you learn ways to identify non-helpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours such as procrastination and ways to re-wire your mindset to better support you.  

The class explore various tools that help to support building a positive mindset and some practical applications to keep you on track with your goals to creating a happier, healthier you and you review your goals and action ahead.

We end our class with some guided pranayama breath practices to support mind and nervous system.

Session 3

Keeping ourselves accountable and on track is the key outcome this week as we cement our learnings, embrace new healthy habits and move towards achieving our desired goals.

The class will also touch on the key pillars of wellbeing and identify practical ways you can support yourself to overcome obstacles along your way.

Our concluding gentle self-care hatha yoga class brings a harmony to mind body and spirit and supports you for your ongoing wellness journey ahead.

About the tutor

Simone Larmer is passionate about wellness and wellbeing. She’s a holistic wellness coach, teaches yoga and provides wellness PR expertise and consulting to select wellness retreat clients.
Simone is driven to empowering others achieve greater harmony and wellbeing in their lives and positive change and outcomes (from career, relationships, financial, wellness, weight management, stress management and overall lifestyle).
Her own first hand experiences from - single parenting to blending a family of seven and transitioning from a busy multi-client agency to overseeing select wellbeing offerings, affords her plenty of insights and arms her with practical ways to embrace life’s challenges. Plus her recent wellness and yoga studies provide greater skills and knowledge to support her work with others.
Simone and her husband live a fortunate life on Sydney’s northern beaches. She mediates and journals daily, loves podcasts and swimming, and forever grateful for the opportunities and lessons life teaches us.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.