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Article Upskilling for Career Options & Growth

Upskilling for Career Options & Growth

A passion for youth work saw Steven Tavita enrolling in a Certificate IV in Community Services at the Northern Beaches and Mosman College but as he progressed in his career, he returned to further his qualifications with a Diploma in Counselling.

“I have always worked with young people, but I realised that I needed to gain qualifications to back up my work experience and diversify my knowledge,” Steven explained.

He completed his Community Services Certificate IV in 2019 and was satisfied that this gave him a solid base and was a good starting qualification. “The course gave me a greater understanding of the community services sector. It went beyond youth work although that was a part of it and it was great in terms of networking within the sector,” he added.

Steven’s experience at NBMC meant that he was keen to return when it came time to build on his skills with a Diploma of Counselling, something he uses both in work and everyday life.

“It was also about progressing in my career within the Department of Education and moving towards a management role. Also, about expanding my growth and being able to pursue opportunities and I realised this meant further qualifications,” Steve stated.

The father of one from Elanora Heights said the ability to combine work and study over 18 months made the Diploma achievable. "The college does this so well. There was enough flexibility that I could continue to work and they did their best to tailor the course to my strengths and equip me with the skills I would need moving forward.

"Every student on the Diploma of Counselling course worked in different areas and sectors and the facilitator made sure it was relevant to them. I can’t speak highly enough of our facilitator Jo Neophyton – she changed my way of thinking."

In addition to work and kids, Steven was also juggling his semi-professional rugby league commitments but said the college ensured he had the support and guidance to succeed and he saw the benefits of the new qualification in his career almost immediately.

"Having these qualifications have helped move me up in the ranks and opened up different avenues and pathways for me in the Department of Education. I learned new skills and it affirmed some of the practices I already had in place."

Steven said that during COVID the college managed to continue the course online with the trainer available to offer assistance and support.

“I think the college just has the formula exactly right and they understand people and their commitments, and they work with them around these,” he surmised.