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Article Ready for a Life Refresh

Ready for a “Life Refresh”?

Here are 3 hot tips for a 2020 life or career refresh from Northern Beaches & Mosman College (NBMC) where people are changing their future on a daily basis.

“We see some really common themes in people ready to re-invent themselves,” says Fran Butterworth, Director of Northern Beaches & Mosman College (NBMC). " It’s an exciting time….but with so many decisions can be daunting as well. Here are 3 tips to make changes wisely.

TIP 1: Start with small steps…not giant scary leaps.

“The last place you want to be is 3 months into an expensive 4 year uni course, which you quit your job for, realising you don't like it.” Says Fran.

"We recommend doing one of our many short career “taster” style courses first. Kind of like “try before you buy”. They range in time from a single Saturday, to a few weeknights over several weeks, to even an entire term (or even 3 or 4 terms)."

"You can try your hand at graphic design, book-keeping, HR, childcare, managing small business, nursing assistant, aged care, leadership, social media, bar work (R.S.A.)…and many more. The list is so varied…SO many other careers exist out there.

As a bonus we are an RTO (Registered Training Organisation). You may get national recognition for VET completed studies. It’s a win win. Before you know it, you’re in a career and life you actually care about."

Tip 2: You can’t beat being taught face to face

If you’re learning something new, the real life exposure to trainers and like-minded people is sometimes just as important as the course itself. This is especially true for lifestyle courses like Italian or hula hooping.

“I see the benefits of this daily” nods Fran. "It’s easy to drop out of online courses…. but with face to face you’re committed to turning up. The mental health benefits can also never be under-estimated."

"We have so many locations across Lower North Shore, Mosman and Northern Beaches so finding something close to you shouldn’t be hard. Strap yourself in, start searching and sign up to a course. It’s really that easy."

Tip 3: The fear of failure is all in your head

“I've seen people literally talk themselves out of a course that I know they were desperate to do.” confides Fran. "Some people become filled with self doubt. They think everyone in the class will be better or smarter. Stop self sabotaging! Most people in the class will be just like you… with similar hopes and fears…so stop worrying. The experienced trainers make everyone feel comfortable.

So go on, it’s a fresh decade and the “new you” is waiting. See you 2020 in YOUR new class!"

Training may be subsidised by the NSW Government