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Spanish Beginners Stage 1

Course Outline:

Students will learn how to identify simple text confidently, converse using negatives and questions, exchange information in a variety of familiar situations, have better fluency in conversation, have a more extensive vocabulary content, gain better learning skills and strategies for language acquisition and have a better knowledge of the countries, culture and customs where Spanish is spoken. In each session there will be emphasis given to pronunciation (in groups and pairs), which will enhance one’s fluency. Additional materials may be used in the classroom (music, video, etc.) where available and where suitable for the needs of the class. Topics will include

*Learn basic greetings and introductions
*Understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases.
*Express simple needs and talk about preferences (eg ordering food and drinks")
*Enable basic communication in situations common to travelers
*Interact in a simple way using basic sentences and grammar
*Use samples of language performance by native speakers, gathered from a range of computer-based sources, such as the internet, as models for learning and authentic communication situations in Spanish
*Apply knowledge of the culture of Spanish-speaking communities to interact appropriately
*Verbs eg SER and ESTAR;AR verbs ( present verb);ER verbs ( present verb);IR verbs ( present verb ); Verb IR ( to go); Verb TENER ; Me Gusta
*Days of the week / Months / seasons of the year
*Telling the time and giving directions

Virtual Classroom

For the Zoom option please read below. Zoom is easy to use video conferencing software with a simple set up. You will be able to see your trainer and classmates and interact as though you were in the same room, all from the comfort of your own home!

This is what you need to join a Zoom classroom:

  • Understanding the basics of using Zoom – see our free Zoom tutorial by clicking here.
  • Access to a computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone; and
  • A webcam* so that you can be seen by the trainer; and
  • A microphone* so that you can participate in the class and be heard by the trainer; and
  • A good Internet connection.

*If you have a laptop computer a webcam and microphone is usually built into the top of the screen frame. Smartphones and iPad/tablets also contain cameras and microphones.

Once you have watched our free tutorial and experimented with Zoom, if you still have questions, we are offering free Q & A Zoom sessions with one of our experienced trainers. See our Zoom page for available dates by clicking here.

What to Bring:

For Carolina's classes the recommended book is ELE Actual A1 Libro del Alumno & CDs (2) New Edition (approx $50-60)

Please note: make sure you check with the college if the course has definitely got the numbers to run before purchasing any text book. The college will not accept responsibility if you have purchased the text book and the course is subsequently cancelled. Please contact us on phone (9970 1000) or email ( to see if the course is running or not.

About the Tutors:

Elizabeth Holgado-Vente - Spanish is Elizabeth's mother tongue. Her experience with languages started in Peru, from where she was born, as a translator of medical texts to and from French. She has a Diploma in French as a Foreign Language (Hon) from the Alliance Francoise, a Certificate in Commercial and Economic French and a Diploma in Business French from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, France. She is also fluent in Italian and is well acquainted with the German language. Elizabeth has taught Spanish International Baccalaureate in Sydney for some years. She has travelled extensively throughout South and Central America as well as Europe and Asia. She brings to the class knowledge and insights into the different cultures among Spanish speaking people. Elizabeth has taught Spanish for more than 20 years mostly at the Mosman Community College. Teaching gives her a lot of satisfaction.

Carolina Delfino - Carolina, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a qualified Spanish teacher, having been teaching Spanish for more than 10 years. "I really enjoy teaching Spanish, having as much fun as you!!!". You will discover the beauty of this language through audios, roleplays , songs and more.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Caro is fantastic! a really wonderful teacher!
  • Wonderful, engaging teacher.
  • Carolina was amazing! Such a lovely teacher. When you are so tired at the end of the day - she was always so bubbly and made you motivated throughout class.