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Moulded Shapes Candle Making Workshop

Course Outline:

Join the latest craze of Moulded shape candles with fun shapes, various colours and amazing scents! Learn from the Master! Australia’s Candle chef™ Renna with over 30 years’ experience. Renna is passionate about sharing her knowledge and encouraging creativity and possibilities for all candle lovers.

In this class you will learn the power and skills to create healthy, fragrant, and natural Moulded candles that will make you feel good, lighten up your mood and explore your creative side. A workshop that is aimed for a balance between knowledge and skills to master the craft of candle making, with practical industry tips you will leave with the vision of what you can do on your own and in the future.

If you love using candles for their ambiance, wellbeing, mood promotion, and calming affects you are in for a treat with this fun packed workshop that will leave a lasting memory of making your one of a kind perfectly crafted first candle. This workshop will teach and inspire you to make your very own Moulded candle and teach you simple techniques to achieve your moulded candle from your kitchen.

Each participant will leave with candles they made worth $80 minimum. Whether you are interested in making candles for fun, hobby, retail or give aways, this is the perfect way to get started.

Course Outline:

  •  Equipment and tools of the trade
  •  Types and sizes of moulds
  •  Wick selection for different types of Moulds 
  •  Wax types, their properties and blending
  •  Dyes and additives
  •  Colouring and fragrance loads
  •  Fragrance oils vs. essential oils
  •  Pouring technique
  •  Candle Curing
  •  How to conduct a burn test
  •  Candle safety and warning

Learning Outcomes:

Courses will cover all the basics of moulded candle making and valuable tips and tricks from many years in the industry;

  •  The science and tips behind the art
  •   Understanding of candle making 
  •   Equipment and tools of the trade and how to make your own candle with what’s available in your kitchen
  •   Take home minimum $80 worth of retail candles
  •   Candle care

What to bring:

  •     Please wear close toed shoes and no heels for safety
  •     Please wear long sleeve top (recommended) to ensure your arms/skin is protected. Soy wax is water soluble
  •     A small box to take your candle homes
  •     Pen and notepad

Please note: Extra $55 for materials payable to trainer in cash on the day

About the Tutor:

Learn to make a retail quality candle with the renowned candle maker “The Candle Chef” Renna Danelutti. Renna Danelutti began her candle making journey at just 15 years old at a repurposed church in Istanbul. Now with 30 years in developing, formulating, and pouring with a proprietary slow cook method.

"My passion for fragrance and candle making started in a trip to Istanbul with mentor and close friend Katerina, who had dedicated part of her converted church into a laboratory."

Renna pioneered the use of candles in massage candles (Australia’s 1st) and it’s this innovation that awarded the Candle Chef her prestigious business accolades for beauty innovation and international export. During the course, participants will get valuable direct personal access to the candle chef Veteran with over 30 years' experience.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.