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From Hobby to Hustle

If you are an artist, a creative, or have a hobby that you really enjoy, you know that creative talent and passion doesn't always pay the bills. That's where this workshop comes in.  I will teach you the essential business skills and strategies needed to develop and run your hobby or interest (for example artistic careers such painting, acting, music craft etc_)_ as a business. 

You'll learn how to create a business plan, market and brand yourself, manage your finances, develop a revenue model and balance consideration for your current working life alongside the demands placed by starting a new project.  By the end you will have a long term strategy for scaling your new business and the ability to balance your passion and other commitments. 

Topics include

Introduction to Entrepreneurship 

How to identify your Unique Value Proposition and your Niche market and identifying ways to differentiate yourself

Researching and Evaluating your Competition 

Building your Brand and Online Presence

Developing a Marketing and Social Media strategy 

Monetizing Your Art or Creative Talent

Learning how to Balance Creativity and Business

Creating a Business Plan  

How to stay inspired and continuing to move forward for the future

About the tutor

Hi I'm Phil and I have a very strong background in Marketing and over the last 25 years I have grown that to include Training and Facilitation, Business Coaching and using Human Centred Design within Business contexts.  I am particularly interested in supporting and helping entrepreneurs, no matter what age and no matter what business, to realise theirs dreams.  I have done this by learning to combine all my skill sets and offering insights, strategies and tactics to many people I coach.  I have a passion for the arts, being both a guitarist, keyboardist, composer, producer, while also pursuing film and screen work.   During that period I realised that I never stopped to treat myself as a business or consolidate my position.  I always felt Art was Art and Business was Business.  As a result I created this course, to distil my years of experience, for any budding creatives who are interested in taking the next step to develop their business skills or ideas and make it happen for themselves.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.