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Herbs for Health

Course Outline:

This introductory course will explore the practice of herbal medicine and its relevance in the maintenance of health and the management and prevention of health conditions. Herbs have been used as medicine throughout human history, to treat illness and to optimise health and wellbeing. In this course, we will discuss the potential uses of an array of safe and effective herbs. We will also explore simple ways of making these herbal remedies part of daily life, through cooking, tea, baths and more.

Session 1:

Introduction to herbs, and herbs as nutrition. Herbs discussed include nettles and oat straw as concentrated sources of a variety of nutrients. 

Session 2:

The digestive system, including herbal approaches to simple digestive complaints, liver health and supporting the microbiome. Herbs discussed include fennel, dandelion and turmeric

Session 3:

The immune system, including herbal approaches to colds, flus and other infections, and strategies for strengthening immunity on an ongoing basis. Herbs discussed include ginger, thyme and astragalus.

Session 4:

The nervous system and hormonal health, including herbal approaches for coping with stress and mood challenges. Herbs discussed include lavender, lemon balm and licorice

Session 5:

Heart health and brain health, including herbal approaches for supporting the heart and blood vessels, improving brain function and minimising the development of problems in these areas. Herbs discussed include hibiscus, hawthorn and rosemary.

What to Bring:

Please note: $40 -  payable in cash to trainer on the commencement day to cover the cost of herbs given to students to take home with them each week.

Mug or teacup of choice, and a few of your own small jars or bags to take herbs home in. (Tutor will bring extras just in case)

Pen and notebook

Handouts will be provided

About the Tutor:

Emma Hickey has had extensive training in herbal medicine, and as a Naturopath has a passion for health, wellness and sharing of knowledge within the community.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.