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Article How to Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself

Local hairdresser, Kelly Kew, is now her own boss.

It was only 2 years ago that she realised she needed new business skills…..but was clueless where to start.

She walked into the friendly local Northern Beaches & Mosman college…and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was a shock

"I realised with a ‘thud’ I needed proper business skills to move my career forward. I had been in hairdressing for 20 years and loved it….but to be able to work for myself….did I really have the confidence for that? There was so much I didn’t know and I had a nagging feeling of self doubt."

The Game Changer

"Quite truthfully that college open night was a game changer. The college (NBMC) took me under their wing. They really listened to where I was at. They recommended a great course to plug all my skill gaps and they broke it down into bite-size chunks so it wasn’t overwhelming. It was a relief to know I could still fit work in around my classes. I could choose my times (morning or evening) and as I was juggling mum duties on top of everything else, that flexibility was key."

My Course

"My course, Cert III in Business (BSB30115), was also partly funded, as a bonus for me. After enrolling I felt so empowered and excited for my future."

The Surprise

"I’m a creative person so had expected the MYOB accounting software subject to be dry, but instead, it was my favourite subject! The trainer was warm, funny, experienced and welcoming. All the trainers at this college are similar… they make you feel instantly at ease and are very approachable."

Classmate Career Change

"From age 19 through to age 60, there was no typical age for someone doing this course but the one common theme was reinvention. We were all at a career crossroads. They say people will have 6 different careers in their lifetime and I could see that in my own class.

It taught me age is no barrier when it comes to learning new things."

I Am Now My Own Boss

"I took the plunge! I started KK Hairdressing all on my own….right after the course! It’s a mobile hair colour and cut business, mainly for mums. Being my own boss really suits me. As people emerge from the awful start we’ve had in the year 2020, fixing “isolation hair” will be a big thing and I’m predicting hairdressing in general will be extremely busy!"

Post Pandemic

Coronavirus has turned our world upside down….….learning new skills has never been more important. If I’ve got ANY advice it’s this…..use this time to stop and reflect and think about what you really want.

Think about the skills you need and, seriously, just make it happen.

Northern Beaches & Mosman College have literally hundreds of courses so jump online or give them a call. Many are government funded so don’t be shy in asking about this. From my experience they really will do everything to help you.

If I can go to an open night and be running a business 2 years later, then so can you !

Kelly’s course:

Certificate III in Business BSB30115

RTO ID 90113 Training may be subsidised by the NSW govt.