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Italian Travellers Stage 1

Course Outline


Getting started with learning Italian is about developing a basic vocabulary and understanding simple phrases. This modern colloquial Italian course is for people with no prior knowledge of the language. Perfect for anyone looking to travel who wants to grasp a better understanding of the langauge and the Italian culture. Topics include

  • Basic grammar & vocabulary
  • Cultural notes
  • Conversation
  • Individual and group work.

At the end of the course you should be able to ask simple questions, express your likes and dislikes, ask and give travel information, make reservations in hotels and restaurants, and order a meal.


This course is perfect for anyone starting from scratch, and would like to learn the fundamentals. 

You will learn Greetings, introduce yourself, numbers, masculine, feminine & plural nouns, how to order foods in cafes, simple verbs - present tense.

Please Bring

Notebook and pen.

For Francesca's class the textbook will be Buongiorno Italia by Joseph Cremona (New Edition).(approximate cost $35) Extra study material supplied by Francesca

For Flavia's class the textbook will also be Buongiorno Italia by Joseph Cremona (New Edition).(approximate cost $35)

A Recommended Supplier would be Abbey's Bookshop, York Street, Sydney or or alternatively

P.N. There are many bookshops shops, or options to order the book online in addition to the recommended outlets above. Please note it is quite common for a textbook not to be available at the commencement time of your course. If this becomes the case, your tutor will have photocopied handouts available until your book arrives.

Please call and check with the office on 9970 1000 to confirm the class is going ahead before purchasing your book. NBMC is not liable to for any loss incurred from purchasing a textbook if a class is cancelled.

It is advised that you purchase the book as soon as you know the class is going ahead, due to the length of time it takes for delivery. The tutors also recommend the Book Depository website, an online bookstore, as being one of the fastest for delivery.

Virtual Classroom

For the Zoom option please read the following. Zoom is easy to use video conferencing software with a simple set up. You will be able to see your trainer and classmates and interact as though you were in the same room, all from the comfort of your own home!

This is what you need to join the Zoom class:

  • Understanding the basics of using Zoom – see our free Zoom tutorial by clicking here.
  • Access to a computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone; and
  • A webcam* so that you can be seen by the trainer; and
  • A microphone* so that you can participate in the class and be heard by the trainer; and
  • A good Internet connection.

*If you have a laptop computer a webcam and microphone is usually built into the top of the screen frame. Smartphones and iPad/tablets also contain cameras and microphones.

Once you have watched our free tutorial and experimented with Zoom, if you still have questions, we are offering free Q & A Zoom sessions with one of our experienced trainers. See our Zoom page for available dates by clicking here.

About The Tutor:


Ciao! My name is Flavia, I was born in Monza, lived in Milano, Italy. 

I Love everything Italian , the food , the culture,  the language, the passion Italians have for their country.


Growing up in an Italian family and with a Diploma in Education Francesca has taught Italian at the College for over 20 years.

Whether you are planning a trip to Italy or you simply just want to learn the 'Language of Love', this course promises to take you on an interactive journey to 'La Dolce Vita' and will have you speaking Italian from day one.

Topics will include: Greetings, asking and giving directions, ordering food and drinks, of course shopping and much, much more!

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Thank you Rosa for your great teaching
  • Teacher, Rosa Santi was excellent
  • The training was practical, informative and fun. I look forward to progressing with the training next term as I look to enrol in Travellers Stage 2.
  • I really enjoyed being able to do the class via Zoom
  • The trainer, Flavia, made the class interesting and enjoyable.
  • Rosa's smiling manner and readiness to engage with us was so encouraging and we never felt embarrassed by making mistakes I also enjoyed the opportunity to learn with others who were planning trips to Italy.
  • Flavia made the course enjoyable and exciting!
  • I enjoyed the pleasant style of the teacher who taught at a good pace for the students. The friendly nature of the class. And the subject - learning Italian is fun.
  • Francesca’s approach to teaching was excellent. I found the material practical and the pace was just right.
  • Flavia made learning fun and interesting and at a pace which was just right.