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Ways with Watercolour

Course Outline

Watercolours are transparent and brilliant! Create vibrant pictures following basic, simple steps; utilising brushstroke skills as you quickly learn how versatile this medium can be.

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Bring what materials you have and other materials will be discussed in the first class. Approximate cost for materials as estimated by tutor to be $60.00

Please Note: NBMC is not liable to for any loss incurred if a class is cancelled please check with the college by calling 02) 9970 1000 or emailing enquiries@nbmc.nsw.edu.au before purchasing materials.

About the Tutor

Pursuing another passion, Susan studied archaeology at Sydney University, working on field excavations in the Middle East. A keen traveller, an early fascination with the rich artistic traditions of Susan Bernasconi has developed her natural creative and communication skills working in advertising, graphic design and promotion, successfully combining her professional design work with teaching, painting and tour guiding. Susan studied drawing, painting and fine arts at the National Art School, East Sydney, painting and drawing with the late John Ogburn at the Harrington Street Gallery, The Rocks, and graphic art, advertising design and illustration. Ancient Egypt led to her first trip to the African continent. Her interest continues with Egyptian art and culture, particularly the prehistoric and early dynastic cultures, and the flowering of the revolutionary court of Akhenaten and Nefertiti at the city of Amarna. For an artist, Susan's travel diaries and sketch books are a vital inspiration for her paintings. She has held several successful exhibitions in Africa, Italy, France, Greece, Israel, the Pacific Islands, Indonesia and Australia. She captures the spirit of landscape, wildlife and people with vibrant pastels, inks and watercolour. Frequent African journeys led to Susan's involvement with organisations helping to protect endangered species and their habitats; as a result she planned and accompanied African safaris helping raise funds for a greater awareness of black rhino and wild dog research projects in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Susan, a qualified tour guide, also conducts walking tours focusing on our early colonial history and settlement, early colonial art and Aboriginal culture of Sydney. Susan's interest in early art forms and cultures has led to her study of rock art around the world; in Africa, Europe but particularly in Australia, where the world's oldest and most extensive collections of rock paintings and engravings exist. She conducts a series of lectures on this ancient rock art of Australia, in addition to those on archaeology, painting and drawing. Susan brings her professional skills, extensive knowledge and great enthusiasm to her popular classes, lectures and tours, adding a unique artistic dimension to all her courses and projects. “I believe creating art through drawing and painting and appreciating the works of artists through time who have left their images for us to wonder at and admire, enables both beginner and experienced artists to participate in the magic of the world we see all around us."

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Ways with Watercolour

<h3 id="header-course-outline"><strong>Course Outline</strong></h3>

<p>Watercolours are transparent and brilliant! Create vibrant pictures following basic, simple steps; utilising brushstroke skills


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Course testimonials:

  • I enjoyed the escapism, camaraderie, and always learning new techniques.
  • The course requires complete focus, which makes it (paradoxically perhaps) very relaxing - like meditation except that you have a nice painting at the end to show for it. Course instructor is not only knowledgeable and skillful but a good communicator.
  • I enjoyed the knowledge and skill of our teacher, Susan Bernasconi and the camaraderie of the group of student.
  • It was my first attempt at Watercolours and I loved it. Sue, our teacher took us patiently through each step of the process so we could copy her - I was generally very pleased with how my paintings turned out !!.
  • Love it, top teacher. I have learned so much and have sold paintings.
  • Being with a group and learning something new from an excellent teacher ((even tho I was a challenge for her) many artists try to teach but cannot - she can! She also gave generously of her time.
  • I enjoyed this course. I learnt a lot.
  • Very absorbing , challenging and above all, fun.
  • I enjoyed the challenge of doing watercolour painting again and the camaraderie of my fellow students.
  • Well structured lessons, fast paced practice (not for the faint-hearted), good skill development.