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Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing using AI

Course Outline

This course is a beginners guide to using Social Media as a primary tool to market your business and accelerating your workflow using Ai. The platforms covered will be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin and you will learn how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your social media marketing strategy. You will get an understanding of the benefits and challenges of using Ai in social media marketing, types of Ai tools and techniques and best practices and ethical considerations for using Ai in Social Media Marketing.  

  • Students are required to have access to an email account to experiment with, as most AI tools require it.  If you are not comfortable using your existing email account, then please set up a new email account, before class starts, such as a gmail account, for the purposes of using during the workshop.  
  • Using your own laptop or ipad device is preferable
  • You must have reasonably confident computer skills and be familiar with the device you are bringing.  
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube will be examined and you must have accounts for at least two of these platforms.   

Topics include

•                     Setting up your business on social media platforms

•                     Practical uses for Ai in your social media marketing

•                     Understanding how you can access free Ai tools and apply them to your social media posts

•                     Improving Content creation using Ai

•                     Identify what Ai will benefit your social media marketing strategy

•                     Apply the best practices and ethical principles for using AI in social media marketing

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.