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Qigong By The Lake - Experience The Art of Mindful Movement

Course Outline:

Looking for a way to enhance your health and vitality? Try Qigong – a powerful life-enhancing practice. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing and vitality and open to a more positive, relaxed outlook on life. Qigong is a profound and life changing healing art that supports optimal physical health, intuitive awareness, peace of mind and emotional freedom.

You will learn energy gathering exercises, meditations and self-healing techniques to harmonise and powerfully build your internal energy or ‘Qi’ - benefiting all aspects of your life.

  • Learn to cleanse, purify and build your Qi (energy)
  • Skilfully manage your energy on a daily basis
  • Understand the flow of Qi through the body
  • Discover your own powerful healing abilities
  • Manage stress for greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Improve immune function and metabolism
  • Bring balance to body, mind and Spirit

Qigong is a complementary approach to health, wellbeing and longevity that has been an important component of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The profound health benefits are now validated extensively by western medical research and practices have been introduced into the hospital system here in Australia.

What to Bring:

A water bottle 

Wear loose comfortable clothes for movement.

No need to bring a mat.

About the Tutor:

Fiona has been teaching qigong and meditation for 20 years and has found the practice an amazing gift in her recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She has experienced first-hand the transformative power of the practice for herself and others.
She is an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator and healer who combines various life enhancing modalities and techniques to assist individuals to alleviate stress, restore balance and to enhance their vitality. She is passionate about sharing life skills and healing techniques she has found invaluable in her own life. Her goal is to support others to live a more authentic, conscious and fulfilling life. Fiona has facilitated a wide variety of wellness programs & live-in retreats for corporate, carer and community groups. She is the co-founder of ‘Wellbeing Retreats’ and founder of ‘Inspired Wellbeing’, which are organizations established to assist others to find inner peace and optimal health & life-balance. With over two decades of studying Energy Science and Consciousness and 20 years experience teaching Qigong & Meditation, Fiona brings her wisdom & expertise to all of her classes & workshops.

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Qigong By The Lake - Experience The Art of Mindful Movement

<h2 id="header-course-outline"><strong>Course Outline:</strong></h2>

<p>Looking for a way to enhance your health and vitality? Try Qigong – a powerful life-enhancing practice. This course is ideal for


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Course testimonials:

  • An excellent course that delivered everything in the course description. The instructor was very experienced and knowledgeable and the delivery was perfect for this course. I loved it! I’d do it again!
  • I really enjoyed this course and am sad its now finished! Fiona was an exceptional teacher and Qigong is a wonderful movement practice. The content and quality of the course were first class and the people doing the course with me were lovely. Highly recommended.
  • Friendly & relaxed environment. Great instructor.
  • The teacher is a wonderful and extremely kind and passionate person. I enjoyed every minute of the course and I have learnt so much. Would highly recommend her class to others!
  • Fiona is a very competent teacher and very genuine person.
  • Fiona is a fabulous teacher & I thoroughly enjoyed learning Qigong.
  • I enjoyed the variety in each lesson and when the weather permitted, the benefits from doing the movements outside. Fiona is a delightful person and is always well-prepared. This was my second time attending her course and I would do it again.
  • A lovely tutor and comprehensive course info and education about the subject. Excellent
  • Fiona is an excellent, gentle and inclusive instructor. The classes were a joy and will definitely do another! Thank you
  • Loved it all. Fiona is an amazing teacher. The location could not be more perfect.