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Xero Payroll

Course Outline

This Xero course is ideal for individuals who have solid bookkeeping knowledge, have previously used Xero software and wish to expand on their Xero knowledge. Topics include

Payroll Settings

  • Understanding Payroll Settings
  • Understanding Organisation
  • Organisation Tab (Setup)
  • Understanding Calendars
  • Adding a Pay Calendar
  • Understanding Holidays
  • Understanding Payslips
  • Understanding Superannuation
  • Adding a Superannuation Fund
  • Understanding Pay Items
  • Adding an Earnings Rate
  • Adding a Deduction Type
  • Adding a Reimbursement Type
  • Adding a Leave Type

Adding Employees

  • Adding an Employee
  • Adding Personal Details
  • The Employment Tab Explained
  • Completing the Employment Tab
  • The Taxes Tab Explained
  • Completing the Taxes Tab
  • The Bank Accounts Tab Explained
  • The Pay Template Explained
  • Pay Template – Adding an Earnings Line
  • Pay Template – Adding a Deduction Line
  • Pay Template – Adding a Super Line
  • Pay Template – Adding a Reimbursement Line
  • The Opening Balances Tab Explained
  • The Notes Tab Explained
  • My Payroll

Leave Entitlements

  • Understanding Leave Entitlements
  • Adding Opening Leave Balances
  • Adding Leave Accruals (Enter Rate Method)
  • Adding Leave Accruals (Fixed Amount Method)
  • Adding Leave Accruals (Variable Method)
  • Adding Leave Applications
  • Approving Leave Applications


  • Understanding Timesheets
  • Adding a Timesheet
  • Save a Timesheet as a Template
  • Adding a Timesheet Using Template
  • Approving a Timesheet
  • Reverting an Approved Timesheet
  • Deleting an Approved timesheet

Conducting a Pay Run

  • Understanding Pay Runs
  • Commencing a Pay Run
  • Pay Run Summary Screen
  • Making Changes during a Pay Run
  • Posting a Pay Run
  • Sending Pay Slips
  • Reconciling a Pay Run

Payroll Reports

  • Understanding Payroll Reports
  • Run A Payroll Report
  • View & Filter Payroll Reports (Grouping)
  • View & Filter Payroll Reports (Hide Columns)
  • View & Filter Payroll Reports (Filter)
  • Export Payroll Reports
  • Print Payroll Reports

Payroll Obligations

  • Understanding Payroll Obligations
  • Paying PAYG Withholding
  • Paying Superannuation
  • Generate the Superannuation Accruals Report
  • Paying Deductions
  • Reconciling Obligation Payments
  • Generating Payment Summaries


  • Participants should have a practical understanding of Xero accounting software in the workplace, or have successfully completed the NBCC Xero for Beginners course.
  • Prior to the course commencement all students must have set up their own access to Xero with access to authenticator. Students must have a smart phone in class to access the authenticator.
$160 Limited GST free / $144
Xero Payroll

<h3 id="CourseOutline">Course Outline</h3><p>This Xero course is ideal for individuals who have solid bookkeeping knowledge, have previously used Xero software and wish to expand on their Xero


Pre-requisite Must be familiar with Xero or have attended the Xero for Beginners course with the tutor

Please note change to advertised date in brochure from Saturday 16 March to new date Saturday 23 March.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • our teacher was fantastic. It was very informative and extremely helpful course. Thankuuuu
  • Very informative and helpful
  • I learnt so much! The teacher was very enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and we covered a great amount of content. Would highly recommend this course to anyone using Xero.
  • Maxine is a very good instructor with a thorough knowledge of Xero and is committed to ensuring that everyone learns as much as possible in the time allotted. In fact she is so thorough, she made herself available for an extra hour of tuition and through the lunch break.
  • A very hands-on and practical course conducted extremely well by an excellent tutor, Maxine.
  • Our trainer was very patient, thorough and helpful.
  • Maxine is very competent and knows the subject well. Very helpful