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Crochet for Beginners

Course Outline:

For Payals class:

The Crochet for beginners course is a comprehensive introduction to crochet. We will start by introducing the crochet hook, working out how to hold the yarn, and start the foundation chain. Crochet stitches are easy and we will cover all 3 major stitches in this course. We will finish by learning how to make a granny square, learning to finish your work properly and even try joining squares so you can attempt a project. Designed for complete beginners or anyone wanting a refresher, this course will give you tips and tricks to achieve even tension, choose wisely when buying yarn and understanding diagrams and patterns. 

What to Bring:

 For Payals class:

Please bring $20 payable to the tutor on the first night for your complete crochet pack. The pack includes two balls of merino wool and a crochet hook.

Please bring your own scissors, ruler or tape measure, pen and paper. You may also want to bring a wool needle to tidy up ends. 

About the Tutor:


Payal is an accomplished and experienced crochet teacher with over 10 year’s experience in the art. She has worked in the publishing and business development industry for many years, where she was involved with a number of art and craft magazine titles.
Her passion with craft led her to learn and research crochet as a way to escape the stressful world of business and company politics. She eventually gave up the corporate life to raise her young family and to devote more time on crochet and teaching.
She now operates her own company which specializes in Mindful Craft which she believes is a path to creative meditation.
She teaches the art of Crocheting at Community Colleges and at Art Centres to small groups in an interactive and social environment. When she is not crocheting or teaching, Payal uses her blogs to promote healing and therapeutic value of crocheting. Her ambition is to inspire everyone to express their own creativity by using a hook and yarn.

Marianne Horton:

Owner of Beautiful Fierce Marianne Horton is a delightful teacher/ communicator with years of experience in knitting, crochet, sewing, illustration…

“And as long as I can remember, I have made things… making things is one of my ways to tell a story

$206 Limited inc GST / $185.40
Crochet for Beginners

<h2 id="header-course-outline"><strong>Course Outline:</strong></h2>

<h3 id="header-for-payals-class"><strong>For Payals class:</strong></h3>

<p>The Crochet for beginners course is a comprehensive


If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Marianne was very pleasant and obviously very passionate about the craft. Teacher was very happy to give individual attention when needed.
  • Marianne was a great teacher.
  • The one-on-one attention given by the trainer to make sure each student was keeping up with the skills being taught was wonderful. Marianne is a lovely teacher and expert in her field. I loved that she supplied notes for us to take home and lots of advice on where to get supplies and further information.
  • I enjoyed being part of a small group so that the course trainer could easily assist all participants at the level of experience and need with the practice samples of crochet we were working at individually.
  • I had a wonderful experience and time flew
  • Wonderful teacher - bright and helpful and clear - learnt so much about crochet and applied it at the course and now feel confident to undertake a heap of crochet projects! Thanks Marianne!
  • The tutor made it fun and accommodated all levels.
  • The teacher made it fun and was good at helping everyone from very beginner to those with some prior experience.
  • Marianne was enthusiastic and highly skilled in her field. It was an excellent refresher course for me after a 40 year break from crochet.