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Create a Website using Wordpress

Learn Wordpress to build a simple website. offers free themes to make your own professional website - easy to set up with no software to download. Learn to add pages, images, text and video. Choose from many free professional themes to have a website up and running in a matter of weeks.

Course Outline

Session 1

Creating a first website with quick, easy and capable Google Sites

  • No in-depth technical knowledge is required as yet.


Using Google infrastructure and a free Google account to create a website using Google Sites, that will have a real practical use

Session 2

Spinning up local Wordpress websites using Local by Flywheel

  • Why have local websites for experimentation
  • What is content storage
  • What is content delivery
  • The idea of naming and DNS
  • Exposing the sites to outside customers
  • What are server-side and browser-side scripts


Have an installation of local Wordpress websites, that you can start experimenting with. Have your own domain with a name you choose. Point your domain to your site

Session 3

Basic concepts of Wordpress

  • What is content management, and content management systems(CMS)
  • The idea of content blocks
  • The idea of content stored in databases, and then exposed to viewers


Have an understanding of what this means, and have exposure to CMS systems including Wordpress, Joomla and CMS Made Simple.

Sessions 4-6

  • Advanced Wordpress concepts


Be able to build advanced active components, using templates and databases.

Session 7

  • Moving your website online with Hostpapa
  • Spinning up Wordpress sites online with Spectaculous
  • Giving them domain names
  • Adding advanced features such as shopping carts


Have a working Wordpress site, accessible from anywhere

Session 8

Wrap up, and final touching on difficult problems
Class to demonstrate their websites


Confident keyboarding and Windows skills. You must create a account prior to class.  Please bring your own laptop, wifi provided during class time

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Robin Braun gave a concise, friendly and efficient delivery to each lesson. He took the time needed with each student regardless of their level of ability to achieve their aims. He has made himself available to assist us out of hours and after the course was completed. He got me where I needed to go, I really appreciate his assistance. This course has been the the best value for money! Thank you Robin and NBMC.