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Women's Wellbeing and Empowerment

This course will support you to experience a greater sense of wellbeing, emotional freedom and positivity, in short, to become more empowered in your life. In a safe and supportive space, learn practical ways to maintain optimal wellbeing, understand the mind/body connection, and discover the power of awareness. This course provides a balance of movement, meditation and learning valuable life enhancing techniques from both ancient wisdom and modern modalities. Improve resilience and discovers ways to quieten the mind, improve sleep and move beyond fears and anxieties. Through taking responsibility for ourselves we have the opportunity to change from within, open to the power of love and feel truly empowered and free in our lives.

This Course will benefit your holistic wellbeing in many ways:

Be Supported to:
• Enhance your wellbeing and vitality
• Manage stress & alleviate fatigue
• Move beyond fears and limiting beliefs
• Cultivate optimism and a positive outlook
• Move towards emotional freedom
• Reconnect with your passion
• Find greater fulfillment
• Become more intuitive and insightful

Each week will introduce valuable life-enhancing techniques.

Learn Ways to:
• Maintain optimal physical health
• Understand your energy field
• Learn energy enhancing exercises to boost your energy
• Meditate and become more mindful and aware
• Connect more deeply to your intuitive guidance
• Move towards greater emotional freedom
• Shift your consciousness and embrace positivity
• Empower and allow your life to flow

About the Tutor

Fiona has taught qigong for 15 years and has found the practice an amazing gift in her recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She has experienced first-hand the transformative power of the practice for herself and others.
She is an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator and healer who combines various life enhancing modalities and techniques to assist individuals to alleviate stress, restore balance and to enhance their vitality. She is passionate about sharing life skills and healing techniques she has found invaluable in her own life, especially in her recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her goal is to support others to live a more authentic, conscious and fulfilling lifestyle. Fiona has facilitated a wide variety of wellness programs & live-in retreats for corporate, carer and community groups. She is the co-founder of ‘Wellbeing Retreats’ and founder of ‘Inspired Wellbeing’, which are organisations established to assist others to find inner peace and optimal health & life-balance. With over two decades of studying Energy Science and Consciousness and 15 years' experience teaching Qigong & Meditation, Fiona brings her wisdom & expertise to all of her classes & workshops.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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