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Make your PowerPoints Pop

Course Outline

Craft your message and inspire your audience. This Microsoft PowerPoint training course goes beyond the basics to provide presenters with the skills to work with PowerPoint’s more advanced features such as advanced image techniques, animation, masters, custom themes and video. But more than that we look at how to inject good design principles and creativity into our presentations to create professional slide decks that will engage our audiences.

1. Design Principles
• Good design practise
• Planning a Presentation
• Selecting Images
• Working with Colour

2. Images
• Resize and Reposition Images
• Crop and crop to shape
• Recolour and Correct
• Rotate and Flip
• Remove background and recolour
• Compress
• Photo Albums and Clips

3. Shapes
• Create and Format Shapes
• Add Text to Shapes
• Duplicate, Align, Distribute and Group
• Create Custom Shapes (modify and merge)
• Link Shapes (Flowcharts)

4. Smart Art
• Convert Text to SmartArt
• Create Simple Process Flows and Lists
• Create an Org Chart

5. Multimedia
• Add Sound
• Add Video (from computer and from web)

6. Charts
• Create a chart
• Modify Charts
• Import Charts from Excel

7. Custom Themes
• Create Custom Colours
• Create Custom Fonts
• Save as Custom Theme

8. Slide Masters
• Modify text and colours in Master
• Add image to master
• Create a new custom Master
• Create Custom layouts
• Save as a new custom theme

9. Animations and Transitions
• Animate Text
• Animate Images, include start with previous and after previous
• Animate SmartArt & Charts
• Add Transitions

10. Presenting
• Tips for presenting
• Create a custom show
• Create automatic timings for kiosk style
• Save as ppsx

11. Action Buttons and Hyperlinks

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Great outcome
  • I enjoyed the course content and quality of the trainer. Nicky Bull is excellent!!!

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