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German: Beginners Stage 1

German is emerging as Europe’s most popular and useful language. This course is designed for students without prior knowledge of German and adopts the latest teaching methods with emphasis on conversation and the right amount of grammar. Individual attention is given for correct pronunciation. If you intend to work or travel through Germany, Austria or Switzerland, then come along and let us ‘make your day’. Lessons are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This course could enhance your leisure and/or work skills.

Course Outline

  • The forms of sein (to be) and haben (to have) which are the two most important verbs to learn
  • Introduction to German grammar by teaching/updating students' knowledge of English grammar masculine/feminine and neuter genders
  • Nouns and adjectives
  • Introduction to cases (Nominative, Genitive, Dative and Accusative)
  • Conjugation of verbs (weak, strong, reflexive, regular and irregular) as they come up in material studied
  • Numerals (simple arithmetic)
  • Denomination of German Currency (Euro and Euro Cents)
  • Days, Months of the year, Seasons
  • Time of day including the 24 hour clock
  • Festivities such as Easter, Christmas and New Year
  • Travelling as a tourist in Germany
  • Greetings, Phrases and Courtesies
  • How to address people – when to use formal and informal forms of address
  • How to make a telephone call (what to say)

Please Bring

  • Notebook and pen
  • Textbook will be discussed in first lesson

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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Course testimonials:

  • I enjoyed the fact that our trainer was well-prepared and attempted to keep the course on track. She tried to accommodate different levels of experience, and students' differing backgrounds. She used modern teaching methods. She went out of her way to help a student who is relocating soon to Switzerland and will need the knowledge.

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