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Family History Research for Beginners

Course Outline

History for Beginners takes you, step by step, through how to research your family tree. It explores every aspect of family history research including setting and managing up your tree, interviewing family, searching online and offline for documents and records, understanding and using DNA, finding and connecting with cousins around the world, and solving long-held family mysteries.   You’ll build the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to discover your ancestors, connect with family and uncover the secrets of the past. And you’ll begin a fascinating and rewarding journey you can share with your family for years to come.

Session 1 

In the document module, you’ll learn where to keep your tree, how to establish and maintain it, and how to record your sources.

Session 2 

In the Interview module, you’ll learn how to gather information and oral histories from family.

Session 3

In the Search module, you’ll learn how to find records using both online and offline sources, explore the lives of your ancestors and trace your famly through the generations.

Session 4

In the Connect module, you’ll learn how to understand the basics of DNA, find cousins and connect with DNA matches, and collaborate effectively with other family history researchers.

Session 5

In the Organise module, you’ll learn about the importance of and how to manage your leads, records and sources, and how to track and keep control of how much you’re spending.

Session 6

In the Verify module, you’ll learn about the importance of and how to check your facts and ensure you’re on the right track.

Session 7 

In the Evaluate module, you’ll learn how to assess and leverage other people’s research to fill in gaps in your family tree.

Session 8

In the Rethink module, you’ll learn practical tips and strategies for solving mysteries and overcoming roadblocks in your research.

About the Tutor

Kylie Harrison has been researching her family tree for more than 20 years, tracing her ancestors back for many generations. She’s uncovered the truth behind family legends, solved long-held family mysteries, and discovered stories of adventure, courage, crime (so many convicts!), adversity and scandal. And she’s found and connected with cousins in Australia, England, the Shetland Islands and Sweden.

Kylie combines her passion for family history with her expertise and experience as a facilitator and coach. With a Masters in Organisational Psychology and a corporate career spanning more than 20 years, she has supported hundreds of people from all walks of life to learn, grow and develop their skills in a broad range of areas.

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