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Building a Business from the Inside Out

Course Outline

This course is suitable for business owners, managers and team members seeking to grow themselves, their teams and their business environment. It provides owners, managers and team members clear, concise and relevant tools and practical skills to support a more enjoyable, productive and success oriented outcome. These tools recognise existing attributes versus opportunities in the roles that individuals play, how to bridge these gaps and provide greater certainty, clarity, conviction and courage at work, home and self. When we know ourselves, we understand our team, our leadership style, influence & attitudes towards business. We are then in a position to identify, apply, measure, amend, reflect and improve our circumstances and forward outcome. Matt Wood, from Flick the Switch Coaching, identifies values to help businesses grow from the inside out.

Please bring material for taking notes either a laptop or paper and pen. A PDF will be provided by email at the end of each session.

Virtual Classroom

This course will be delivered using virtual classroom via Zoom in Term 2 due to the current COVID-19 situation. Zoom is easy to use video conferencing software with a simple set up. You will be able to see your trainer and classmates and interact as though you were in the same room, all from the comfort of your own home!

This is what you need to join a Zoom classroom:

  • Understanding the basics of using Zoom – see our free Zoom tutorial by clicking here.
  • Access to a computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone; and
  • A webcam* so that you can be seen by the trainer; and
  • A microphone* so that you can participate in the class and be heard by the trainer; and
  • A good Internet connection.

*If you have a laptop computer a webcam and microphone is usually built into the top of the screen frame. Smartphones and iPad/tablets also contain cameras and microphones.

Once you have watched our free tutorial and experimented with Zoom, if you still have questions, we are offering free Q & A Zoom sessions with one of our experienced trainers. See our Zoom page for available dates by clicking here.


This course may be fully funded under the NSW Government’s Adult & Community Education funding or Tech Savvy for Small Business Program in 2020. See ACE Community Service Obligation Funding page for details or See Tech Savvy for Small Business Program page or contact Susan Wilkinson on 9970 1000 or email to check eligibility or for further information.

About the Trainer

Matt Wood is founder of Flick the Switch Coaching, a business consulting and mentoring practice, which combines first-hand his business franchise management and leadership experience, along with his accreditation in behavioural profiling and human behaviors, in addition to his leadership development and sales and marketing skills.

Matts' background includes qualifications as an NLP-eDISC-Meta Dynamics Profiler: Accredited Coach; Mentor and creator of 'The 6 Pillars of Business Success'
Until December, 2018, he was heavily involved in the travel industry for over 20yrs; from managing franchisee’s and growing their businesses, to developing client relations, leading tours, sales & network marketing.
Across this time, he recognised the ‘Who to How and Why’ the majority of people in business, from Owner to Management team to low-level employees alike, struggled to manage and balance work, home and self. One was impacting the experience of the other, so he created a business to clearly outline, support, add value and empower these people to grow their business from the inside out hence Flick the Switch Coaching.
His Consulting Services provides targeted programs focused on specific business needs, from management development, succession to exit planning, recruitment and team development, in a simple, measurable and modelling-oriented form, at which a business may manage & lead independently or with our guidance. That choice is theirs.

These programs provide the certainty, clarity, courage and time, owners, managers and team members crave, to enables them to perform their tasks more effectively, reach their personal potential, align attitudes to productivity and outcomes, receive measurable training, be recognised, and ultimately expand their business. To employee’s and employers alike this positive shift is reflected in what they ‘see, hear, feel and tell themselves’. That combination increases engagement, motivation, productivity, outcome, culture, opportunity and legacy.This is where his forté, through years of experience and knowledge, help to bring both the individual and business forward.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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