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Astrology For Beginners

So what’s your sun sign? Most people think sun sign columns are all there is to astrology and that a sun sign sums up who you are. However, using astrology to understand a person is far more complex. Just as human personalities are incredibly complex and unique so is the astrological birth chart which describes them.Your birth chart is the astrological blueprint for your personality. At the exact moment of your birth your Sun may have been in the sign of Aries, however all the other planets were also sitting in various signs and astrological houses and they were all making different angles to each other at that precise moment. These placements are all extremely meaningful. The arrangement of planets at the moment of your birth is an expression of the energy of your personality. Understanding these arrangements and placements means you come to a deeper understanding of yourself, and how you express yourself in every area of your life including your relationships, sexuality, emotions, intellect, career, and life partner. When you have this understanding you can better know your strengths, weaknesses, and how to channel the energy of your personality to its best advantage. Learning how to read a birth chart normally takes years of learning and practice. This course is designed to be fun and be an introduction to astrology’s teachings on how to give a basic birth chart reading. If you would like your chart read during the course you need to provide your birth date, place (City, Country) and the exact time (preferably to the minute) of your birth. Please email these details to the college and they will be forwarded to me. You could also use someone else’s birth time and place with their permission.

About the Tutor

Sonja attained her four-year Diploma in Astrology from the Astrological Guild of Educators International in 2007. She has had a passion for learning and doing astrology all her life and also has many years' experience as a psychotherapist. She uses her knowledge of psychotherapy to inform her astrology and its understanding of the personality.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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